I have a pot of vegetable beef soup on the stove cooking the past several hours.  Still trying to decide what to do with the two thick pork chops I wish to pan grill.  All I want is some spice rub or sprinkle for them.  But, thanks to CindyUpNorth I found a great recipe site that I added to my iTouch and it has been somewhat tested by others  as they followed the recipes and commented. 

Got very little sleep last night as our New Zealand friend pages me on Skype and we talked 2 1/2 hours..midnight.  I missed the Olympics but it was worth it.  I saw his two sons in the background of the computer and his wife occasionally.  He had his video camera on.  I have one but it has NEVER ever worked.  Good thing too as last night since he called around nine, I was already in jammies watching the beginning Olympic games.  I got to bed just after midnight, read as is my habit, turned out the light and it took me a good hour at least to fall asleep.  I can see "they" are right when they say that starring at a computer screen just before bed (they were talking about kids and their need to get off and have their internal clock register that it’s night) causes you to still be alert and wakeful.  You did not get your downtime before bed.

Our friend was talking about how different it was to see the two of my sons who went to see them in Auckland, eat.  The handling of silverware is about as opposite as you can get, he was saying.  He said when he gets here he will love watching all of us watching him while HE eats differently than we do.  He’s kidding of course while he (they) eat differently there will only be humor involved.  Oh, it will happen, but he and we have a super sense of humor.  We spent the last 15 minutes of our over two hour convo talking about table service settings..where all the forks go, the knives and the varying spoons and butter knife..above the plate and etc.  Fun.  He is a nurse by the way.

I haven’t read the newspaper yet and my eyes are burning so I’m getting off here.  We live on the New Madrid faultline here where I am, and we’re overdue for a big earthquake.  We have small ones all of the time but what with poor Haiti and Chili..I wonder when it will happen.  Here is some info from Wikipedia about Reelfoot Lake formed when we had a massive quake back in the 1800’s.

the lake was formed when the region subsided after the New Madrid earthquakes of 1811–1812, and that the Mississippi River flowed backward for 10–24 hours to fill it. The observations of the few persons in the region at time confirm that something
serious occurred in the Reelfoot area in conjunction with the
earthquakes, and that it undoubtedly resulted in major changes in the landforms of the area (which are very changeable at any rate, as the area is comprised primarily of glacial loess).

See ya later.