Yesterday slipped past me and the evening and now, it’s Monday.  Good grief!

The eldest was here and had one of the thick pork chops I mentioned.  I just wound up baking them as I didn’t want them to toughen in a pan.  He’ll take the other one with him this morning (he’s off today) as I didn’t have one due to eating out last evening.  No dessert.  Although come to think of it I did bring home two small Frosty’s from Wendy’s.  Now that I mention that, the bill for the two small Frosty’s was 3.27 cents including tax.  I handed her a 20 dollar bill.  She gave me the change and my wallet slipped away from me necessitating me to linger further up from the lane in order to find my wallet and put away my change.  That is when I saw that I had 12 dollars in my hand and the change.  I went around again and at the order place I said I had just bought 2  small Frosty’s for $3.27, gave her a twenty and she gave me the change from a one dollar bill, yes, but only 12 dollars. She said to drive around.  I did and after a discussion, she gave me 4 very wrinkled 1 dollar bills.  I was amazed at how wrinkled  they were.  Made you think they had been balled up in a pocket or something.  Anyway, I drove away remembering another fast food place that pulled that stunt several times on me at 0430 in the morning as I stopped  by to get two breakfast tiny buns with egg/sausage/cheese and the girl shorted me change… over and over and this despite my being on the watch and catching the "mistake" over and over.  Oh, not every day but often enough.. These days with the registers telling you what the change is, there is no reason for that as far as mistakes are concerned.  Frankly, that one I just wrote of was running her personal scam I feel sure. She lasted about a month.  Lots of folks just stuff the money in a pocket or purse and go on. Me too but something makes me check occasionally and I find things as I did yesterday.  I think hers was a "mistake" on purpose.

I made biscuits, he had grape jelly on them, and the usual bacon (4 pieces) eggs and black coffee.  Me..1 egg and toast.  Coffee not black.

Due to extreme busyness yesterday and Saturday as well no housecleaning got  done.  Today is the day BUT as I took the pillowcases off my pillows, threw back the blanket ready to strip the bed..someone came sloping in,. assessed the jump and leapt into the bed..trotted right up to MY personal place (hers is the other side) and laid down.  Curled up tightly and went straight to sleep.  After all, she had the exertion of eating her breakfast to deal with.  Poor baby.