I’m so full I could bust wide open.  Good thing there is no one here with a pointy finger ready to poke me in the belly or something.

AND I went outside of the house on my return so as to put away the snow shovel (I hope I won’t need it again) andn I decided to roll that heavy HEAVY concrete bird bath to the fence so as to fill it with garden dirt for use as a planter.  Guess who broke her widdle fingernail and hurt her widdle finger tip?  Me, not Miss Catt.  That little one is in here taking a power nap after having to wake up to come to the kitchen door and greet me on my return home from lunch.  Poor thing is exhausted.  Well, I tried to heft up the concrete bowl to attach it again to the base of the birdbath assembly but with my back the way it is..no deal.  It is still out there decapitated and making me look like the doer inner I am.

Stood outside of the restaurant with my dining partner and we solved the world’s problems and ticked off all the things we could on our fingers as to that everyone is due to know and doesn’t and what mistakes Gov’t. has always made.  We have all of the solutions.  Frankly, with Miss Catt the President and Premier of North America..it’s she I got all my info from.  So it has to be right. I know the getting Squirrels out of the Cabinet in D.C. is one of the first things on her list…soon as she wakes up. I heard her telling HRH Treasure part of the plan.