I beat Miss Catt to the treadmill…or rather I beat her to the treadmill  and got my workout done before she could climb into her condo at the foot of the treadmill.  I mentioned before why her condo remains there and as long as she is with me, there it will stay.  She has, as she has gotten older and as she deals with her medical problems, little enough to enjoy so…her first, me next.    It’s a sunny day for once and ideal condo weather.  Maybe she’ll slip in there now.

I have been watching my DVD (Christmas present to go with others of this genre) Planet Earth.  These are narrated by David Attenborough.  He is my most favorite of all narrators in these type Nature series.  No one is better in my opinion.  His love of anything alive is very evident.  He treats all forms of life with respect.  Consequently I have not been on the computer as much.  I LOVE this type of show and once started I can’t get enough.  I came to the end of all of the ones I own up to now and started again on my Star Trek Voyager  Christmas present DVD.  The 6th Season.  With all my shift work when they were still presenting episodes, I missed most of them.  Couldn’t record for a variety of reasons..so..now I get to see them.  I love all things Star Trek except that which was called "Enterprise" with Scott Backula.  I like him in any and everything except ST.  A Captain he is and was not.  Just not his forte.  I couldn’t bear to watch and me a rabid fan of ST. 

I have to get ready for the day.  The rep for my bathroom refit will be here at 1500.  I want to get out and accomplish before I am stuck here waiting for my appointment to materialize.

Oh..this may be my last season watching Dancing With the Stars IF I watch it at all.  The last two years they pretty much scraped the bottom of the barrel and they more than did that again.  There are only 2 that can make it.