The last time I came back from Charlotte, it took me 45 minutes to put away what I bought while there!  I’m telling you, I need to stay away from Garden Ridge there in Charlotte.  They have the most realistic flowers that are in fact artificial I have ever seen.  I can’t stop myself.  I have so many it’s beginning to look a little funereal home in here.  I told my son (whom I was visiting) to keep me away from that place the next several times I go to see him.
Then we went to South Park Mall in Charlotte.  Let me tell you…now THAT is a Mall.  Of course other very major cities have similar high end Malls but this is the first time I have been in one of that caliber.  Oh, I’ve been in several other Malls with stores you can’t find around here,  But South Park Mall has THE stores in a number I have yet, till then ever seen.
Belk is there  as well but this particular Belk is Belk’s "flagship" so to speak and has anything  department store-wise you could ever wish to purchase.  I saw brands that took my breath away backwoods woman that I am.  I only bought a cosmetic from the MAC counter though while I was there.
We  looked over roughly a third of the Mall and stopped by Tiffany’s to drool, Sephora (I only get to see them on-line) David Yerman’s, Nordstroms, the usual, Gap, Banana Republic, but I got to see a Bebe store for once instead of just in my women’s mags. Many many more were there to tempt me. 
I was  also in make-up nirvana there for awhile as the places I have never seen except in the pages of my magazines as in Vogue, etc. were right there.  I stopped in Sephora’s store as well and was just overwhelmed with all the products I have heard of but never seen in person, small towner that I am.
Enough swooning over female stuff.  Had a great great time with the family and doing the shopping bit.  I did come home with some wreaths for the front door and some realistic lettuce and herb pot artificial plants.  That place isn’t inexpensive hence my reference in the title that I may as well walk in, throw them my wallet and have at it. (I do anyway!!) The thing is, I barely have room to put it all. 
I need to give away some before I buy more door wreaths.  I swear, I have something for every season and more.  Sigh.