Self diagnosis says I must have a sinus thing going on because I have no fever and I have started a drainage thing.  Now that goes to show you how seldom I have a cold or sinus "thingy" going on when I didn’t recognise it because two days previous, I choked on water and coughed till I couldn’t cough any more trying to get the water out of my windpipe.  That job finished, later I commenced to coughing again and thought it was still the water.  Two days later, I finally got the bright idea..:my goodness..I do think you have a sinus thing going on!" 
Part of the reason I figured it out is I bought Ro-bituss-in cough medicine to see if it would help.  It did for several hours.  It also contained an antihistamine that knocked my socks off.  I was unable to keep my eyes open at 2000 hrs.  But I stayed "awake" till 2030 when I went to bed and slept a much needed 10 hours. I don’t know how to act this morning without the usual burning eyes from the lack of sleep (Miss Catt wakes me at sun’s rise no matter when or how late I go to bed)
It is in the 40’s outside and I didn’t have frost forming on me from the short trip to the driveway for the paper.  I even stood there a bit to listen to all of the birds singing.  We are waiting for the usual 5 days of rain following a decent several days without rain.  We are in a horrible pattern of weather,  Usually 9 or 10 days of rain follow 3 without!
Here is what happened as soon as Miss Catt had her breakfast.  The two of us entered the bedroom right after she ate, and as I made to reach for the blanket and sheet to make the bed. I heard the all too familiar thump of someone leaping to the oak chest at the foot of the bed, and onto the bed itself.  So she had to endure having her picture taken as proof that I could not make the bed today!  Not till she gets up that is.  Yes, I endulge her as it is not an important thing to have the bed made instantly though I would rather I’s not that big of a deal. 
Here is the thump I heard and the leap I saw as I was making, or trying to, the bed.