I headed off to the Dr. after I wrote yesterday’s blog as my throat commenced to hurting pretty severely.  That was a sudden onset and I hoped to stave off any more surprises by just biting the bullet and going.  Took a total of three and a half hours, as I  was a walk in.  The waiting room was packed, so I had to wait my turn.  Good thing I had the iTouch with me as it is loaded up with books so I read most of the time.  Had to have a throat swab to see if I had strep– which I do not.  They were filled up with folks, and she didn’t spend a lot of time with me which is understandable.  I was given a prescription for a cough medicine pill..a clear capsule.  After I read the patient information, I can’t bring myself to swallow it.  I would have to be even more desperate than I am for relief.  I coughed myself silly every night so far since Monday morning. This is day 5.  I know Joe knows what I am speaking of.  My small nurse has been excellent but today, she has been showing signs of overwork what with having to keep me under control and comfortable so she’s showing out a little.  That is "Southern Speak" for saying she’s being a pest since 0530.
I will reluctantly head out for canned cat food to supplement her dry, and some applesauce and saltines.  That and tea is all I want really.  I bought a small sleeve of Fig Newtons yesterday as an indulgence for myself and they tasted like hay must taste so they weren’t an enjoyment at all.  But..I ate ’em anyway.  Just because.  I also bought salted nuts as if I needed that indulgence and they were seasoned (I didn’t notice that) so I didn’t enjoy them either! I hardly had any and won’t.  I;ll see if one of the boys wants them.  I never get the stuff I want to eat so yesterday I let my sickness allow me to get two things I have been hankering for.  Oh well..I’ll get the applesauce and saltines.
Here is my nurse. So overworked!  Isn’t she spiffy looking though? (Thank you youngest son for the help with this)