I’m still waiting for a lessening of symptoms.  My throat is super sore, but the cough while still there, is not as constant.  This has been going on for this, the sixth day.  I suppose this means another trip to the Dr. Monday or thereabouts as I don’t see anything changing before then. I am tired and have not worked out for a week,.  One day, Monday,  I did and regretted it,.  As my oldest said one day when I was on the treadmill feeling no-so-hot and therefore stopping  every once in a while..he said it looked like I was waiting for directions… as though I had lost my way,  That was just plain funny!  Got a good laugh out of it.  Imagine needing directions on the treadmill. 
Nurse Ratchett woke me too early this morning.  She goes by the sun and the amount of ambient light in the house,  The mini blinds are all closed (I don’t have and don’t want curtains etc) but the days are getting longer and the light sihnes in the house thru the blinds earlier, so that means mom must get up earlier.  Hopefully when the time "springs forward" I will get a break.  Maybe she and I can compromise with half an hour of that newly attained hour of light.
I must get ready for the day though I don’t feel like doing anything..still..I want to be ready if that changes.
See you at your blog house.