Thank goodness that while I still have a sore throat, it is less acutely sore this morning.  Progress!!!  Even if it is measured in millimeters.  And, I feel less wiped out.  I am going to clean the house I hope. 
I hope everyone turned their clocks forward so that no one is late.  I looked at my clock just now in the "tray" and it says 0836!  Oh for pity sakes, every inch of me knows it is really 0736! I hate time changes,  I wish they would think of one and stick with it always.  One of my life’s saddest moments was to be on midnight shifts   in the Fall and watch that clock fall back an hour knowing that my shift grew by yet another hour.  Torture, I’m telling ya. 
The Nursie is snoring on the carpet next to me.  I should be getting myself ready for the day and stripping the bed for changing.  After wallowing on it feeling like this for a solid NEEDS changing.  Maybe it will cease raining *shakes head in a "no" sorta way* and I can take my pillow out for sunning. It needs sunning and de-germing!  Ewww.
Thank you, each and every one for the well wishes and prayers and good thoughts.  That meant the world to me and this is my first time in really sharing an illness on my blog.  Usually I just allude to it or say nothing more than a passing sentence.  I don’t know why I decided this was the one to moan and whine but..I did.  You guys in the blog family are the absolute best in the world and I so appreciate each of you. That is as sincere as I can make it.  I mean every word. 
Here is my gift to each of you.  The focus is soft and reminds me of a watercolor so because this rose was special to me (he’s a wild rose) I thought to present it to you.  Click on it for real color.