My nursie said she was done!  She said the pay was low, the work was hard and for pete sakes, woman up and get on with it.  So, not having any choice in the matter I did just that.  I am out from under her tender care and on my own.  To her credit, she did inquire as to the state of my throat to which I replied.."quite clear and not painful today ma’am."  I suspect all she would have said if I had answered in the negative would be " Gargle!"
The oldest was here from yesterday afternoon till about noon today.  He didn’t work today hence, he got a good breakfast this morning.  Nurse Kratchett came out for some bacon when her sensitive little nosey told her it was cooking..but we failed to put two and two together and break off a few shards for her as we always do.  My name is mud today as is my son’s,  We went out to eat last night.  No cooking this time for me.  Oh, the oldest got in a good one on me though before he left.
Miss Catt was sitting directly in front of me making sounds.  I looked at her face as they were a bit softer than usual.  I saw she was meowing through her closed mouth.  I mentioned that to my son and I said "wow..she’s talking with her mouth closed!"  HE said in reply to get this!  "Guess we know who is the ventriloquist and who is the DUMMY"!  I certainly agree.  This girl rules this household and knows it.  I am her fetcher and carrier and doer of all things to make her comfortable..just as would any good cat mean cat slave.  An example being she climbed up on my freshly made newly changed out sheets and bedspread.  She meowed loudly.  I looked in on her and she was standing there looking at me.  It dawned on me I forget to re-place her red fleece bankie to repose on.   So of course I hurried to get it and put it down for her after which time she stretched out and slumbered.   I live to serve the Queen.
I feel fine now..almost normal energy which means, sigh, the treadmill after a week not being able to. Thank you so very much for all the thoughts and prayers.