Let me tell you; I must be having one heck of a great stupendous hair day. 
I headed to several places to get some needed items and even in the grocery store I would look up from something or other that I was reading labels on to  occasionally find some fellers looking at me, nodding  hello and smiling. Made my morning.  🙂  Of course I always strive to look my best when I leave the house so I wasn’t wearing my grubbies and so on.  I love a good..no..a great hair day.  Don’t have them all that often so I never had a chance to get used to them. 
Another chilly gray and damp day.  This weekend they say it will be 70, sunny and nice for several days.  Rain again on Monday of course.  When we have 2, 3 days of sun, it is always always followed by 8,10  days of clouds, damp or rain.  We must have been bad boys and girls.  Seriously though I am just grateful to have a day..doesn’t have to be made to my order. 
So, what’s going on at your house?