Started out this morning (again) to get the car washed and waxed!  Voila!  It did not rain!  WooHoo!!! As the car was pitifully dirty, I chose the slightly more expensive deal and they outdid themselves throwing in more.  They didn’t just vacuum out the front and rear floors, they emptied the truck completely and vacuumed and wiped all the surfaces off with cleaner.  Poor thing looks super but it is going back end of the month for a more intensive do-over (waxed again and soon).  Then, the piece de resistance! I finally found a more cloth-like car cover. (I don’t have a garage or even a carport.  If you saw the direction the house lies on the ground and the driveway, you’d understand why I don’t).  AND it is not hemmed all the way around with elastic making it totally impossible for one person to get it on.  This one has some at each corner plus a way to hook it into the trunk latch to make it easier for one person to get it on the car.  If it works..hooray!  It had obviously been opened and returned so I asked for a price break on the 69.00 and got it.  47.00.
Also, I have been fighting and fighting with the hose trying to get it attached to the faucet.  Never able to do well..and I am not a ninny.  Today while in Big Lots, I saw they had one of those coiled hoses.  That is a good idea for me because I don’t have the wherewithal personally to effectively coil up the hose after using it considering where it is attached  (bad job that I do) and all of the stone work and bushes.  SO..I bought it, came went right on..and just coils itself back up.  Got it half price at 14 dollars and since I have only seen them in catalogues this also saves me shipping and handling. 
AND the company I bought my GPS from last month and I found it didn’t have features I wanted so I returned it to the manufacturer, gave me a complete total refund (except S&H).  AND that medicine I said I would not take?  The pharmacy allowed me to return it w/o the saleslip (they have known me a long time and remembered the meds) and they are the ones who brought up to ME that I can bring it back!  How cool was THAT!
It’s a good day (a Klingon would say "to die!" and so since it is..I will head out and start weeding.