My widdle inner legs are a little sore..not much.. from the duckwalk around the yard weeding.  Not as bad as last year.
Today, I bought and planted another azalea as 1 out of 3 I bought last year kicked the bucket.  So I am replacing him.  I also re-potted my big old spearmint plant.  The thing was deader than a doornail (I thought) and when I went to dump all the weeds and limbs and things over the fence into the woods, I saw the mint on the ground where I un-potted him a week the deck, onto the ground.
He had red roots running around and a worm!  I hurriedly bought some soil along with my azalea plant and re-potted him again.  I cut back all the old dead stuff and he’s out on the deck again. 
Don’t tell but someone we know who is beautiful has an appointment at 1400 Monday with her Vet.  She already knows.  I was clumping just a little bit coming down the hall..a little faster than normal..I was headed here with some new pictures I just took and she took off like a scalded dog.  When she heard me turn into here with a floomp into my chair, she came out and got in her rocking chair.  Can’t fool her at all as she is always on the alert to the dreaded carrier.
This is the beautiful day they said we would have with actual real all day sun.  High 60’s too.  I even had my sunroof opened in the car.
Going to a play tonight.  It’ called " Is he dead?" Should be fun.  Dinner first. 
I wanted lime for the yard (not the coconut) but it’s 40#.  I can easily lift that but not easily out of the grocery cart with my lower back the way it is.  So I have to wait on a man to come by and assist me. 
Going to enjoy the rest of the day out.  C ya bye.
My VERY first violet and some of you may remember I love them so.