I did go to the play I mentioned yesterday called "Is He Dead"?  And I found that is is adapted from works of Mark Twain.
We have an excellent Playhouse here where I live and last night it pleased me no end to see it was packed full of people there to see the play.  And was it ever good.  It is a comedy although I didn’t know that at first.  The actors, all pretty much home grown though experience within several Counties and Cities, were superb!  Each time I have gone there to see a play I have never left without being completely impressed. By the way, I have forgotten what it is called when the character speaks to the audience and the other characters on the stage are in a state of suspended animation so to speak, while the address is made to the audience.  There is a term for it, and it escapes me now. Anyone know?
I have been out and gotten some hanging baskets full of pansies.  I have been looking in vain for azalea food..go figure.  I have one more hanging basket of pansies than I have shepherd’s hooks so out to get one more of those.  And a place called The Corner Gallery that I was looking forward to visiting doesn’t open until the weird hour of 1130.  I was there at 1030.  All the way to the other end of town and thru 4 total speed traps (cameras) to get there..for nothing.
Well, I hope your day is going well so far and continues to do so.  What;s for lunch? I am getting hungry.

On the side of the house yesterday.