Update for Wednesday: I wonder if she’s turned the corner in a positive way today? While she was strangely silent all day yesterday (instead of the wake up calls from 5 am onward) she "spoke" a few times this morning..then had a big breakfast and a decent drink of water. I haven’t checked her box yet to see how she did for the night.

I count the prayers and love and thoughts from you all too as her help in her trouble. Maybe her 5 day and night sickness is lifting at last. The rest of the day will tell me.  I could go the rest of my life and not go through all this again..happily!!!  Good Grief!  What an ordeal for us both and all of you too since I laid it out here wanting your help which you willingly gave.

She offered to playfully bite me a while ago.  That was a good thing.  Yeah, I love the ol’ girl but she has shown me in quantifiable ways that she returns the favor.  Including yesterday when she came to me to comfort me, believe it or not.  All pets are the same..dogs, cats,. any..if you show them love and care and are a good steward, they will and do return that love.  That’s why we miss them so much when they are gone because as with children, their love is a pure love not tainted with expectations.

xoxox and many many heartfelt thanks for your very real help for her and the comfort for me.