The wee tyrant felt well enough to sound the alarm at 0430..and multiple times thereafter accompanied by leaping onto the bed and applying a damp nose to my eyelids garnished with loud purring.  It’s a pain in the neck but it sure beats the 7/24 silence I had for a week while she was sick.  She still isn’t quite up to normal with eating and drinking but she’s not at death’s door.
Me and the treadmill have gone round and round and I have tossed around the weights.  I had a hair that was tickling my forehead while doing the dumb bell weights and almost succumbed to reaching up and scratching it automatically.  Glad my brain cells were firing as while I did just that I did it very slowly so as not to bash my skull in.
After two days of warmth and sun of course it has started the usual 5-8 days of rain.  The little weatherbug gadget on my front page there isn’t very accurate and too, I don’t live in Knoxville. 
The LL Bean catalog is tempting me.  Their things are more expensive for the sort of clothing it is than I like to pay but they have excellent quality so that counts more.  There are two tops and a pair of shorts that are calling out to me.
My bathroom will be redone on March 29th as early as 0730.  No neighbors to call on for bathroom purposes so I guess it means a few trips to the gas station down the road.  I hate that part.  I only have one bathroom.  If there was one iota of room for a half bath I would have had it put in years ago. I would have to give up a large storage area to do that.  And that area is all I have.  So…we soldier on without.
Got to get ready for the day.