I mean, wouldn’t YOU like to know if you were a victim of a scam?
On the way to see the play a week or so ago that I blogged about, my friend spoke of this long ordeal lasting all afternoon in which they were wrangling with a popularly known security outfit..(alarm system.)  As they spoke on..and said the name along with what was happening..I said "It’s a scam!  I heard about it and an old lady they victimized on TV last night".  (local Knoxville channel..a consumer advocate spot they have) I went on to say these scammers have been canvassing neighborhoods and had even come to my house, twice.  I dispatched them with a stern NO.  I was immediately suspicious because that outfit they said they were representing NEVER goes door to door.  I have the service from that place. If you need their service, you call them, someone comes out and it goes from there..installation, etc.  I did not call the three lettered Business to report this because I had nothing concrete I could say.
However the TV show showed some poor old 93 yr. old who let them into her place as they said they were from that national security place, and what they did was switch her from the three lettered place (I am not going to type that name in here..think and you’ll know who I mean).  to their place in Pennsylvania or other States.  And they weren’t monitoring her home or anyone else’s because that was the original equipment from the 3 lettered place in there.  They just went thru motions and then had a bill come to the victim every month payable to them.  I found out yesterday that the realo place is suing the other place.
My friend said that those scammers (with the thought  still that they were from a real security place) were there to install equipment(they had found a live one after all) and that the three lettered place "contracted out their work".  I said "No, they do their own work".
I will quit with the conversation now and tell you that the friend must have felt foolish and got nicely defensive if you can imagine such a thing.
I printed out the TV shows expose and they didn’t want to see it and I am on the no-talk list it seems.
Should I have just stayed quiet and let it play out for them?  Should I have found a less direct way of telling them other than "It’s a scam!" ???  Thoughts?  Opinions?