Yesterday was, not so much insofar as the weather is concerned.  I am grateful anyway just to have what I have in my life, so my complaints about the weather are more than meaningless.  However, having said that still I remark that it is bad looking out there.
The sky is leaden gray, the winds are gusting enough to have almost turned over my bistro set on the deck.  Instead of the entire set it was just the chairs. The rain will intensify as will the gusting winds a little later as this is the leading edge of the storm system.  Go look on your radars in your weather site and see that system as it makes its way across Tennessee.  That’s what I am starting to get now.
However, I am soldiering on getting the not usually noticed parts of my home cleaned up for our guests next Monday.  The fridge is next and then, I must do the bathroom and take things out as well for the installer in the morning.
The little one is on the freshly made bedspreaded bed.  Directing activities behind prudently closed eyelids. 
I just had brunch.  I can hear the "Ewwwwws" all the way over here when I tell you that I took a notion to have butter beans.  Delicious and full of protein.  That’ll hold me till mid afternoon.  I am also a lima bean fan.  Pintos too.  Navy beans are great as well..I keep thinking of beanies as I go along.
Hope it is a good Sunday for all of you.  Here is a picture of the sky I took last week.  Wish it was overhead to see now. It is actually..just it’s covered by rainclouds. 
Click for real color.  Also, those white "smears" at the top are the tracks of clouds being moved in high overhead winds.