My son, the one in Charlotte, wants to buy a china cabinet, a Thomasville cabinet, for a mere $275.00 from a consignment shop there where he lives.
The problem is, it REEKS…just REEKS of cigarette smoke.  You can smell it when you come into the Shop he said and it is a thousand wonders really to me that they accepted it to sell on consignment.   There are several pieces from the same estate that are all reeking of cigarettes. 
It is such a great deal that it’s killing him not to snap it up but he doesn’t want his home reeking like that since he can smell it there in the store.  The store owners said they knew how bad it is and that they were trying to alleviate it. 
Here’s where I hope and wish you come in.  he asked me to appeal to you guys for ideas how to rid it of the stench.  It IS a stench too, not a simple smell like walking through cigarette smoke. 
Remember folks,I used to smoke too. I quit 4 1/4 years ago (but whose counting, right??)  However I never smoked in my home or anyone else’s.  What I am speaking of regarding furniture and other household items  here in the blog is why.  My neighbor did..she and her hubby both smoked; and even a book I borrowed was horribly reeking of smoke to where I had to bag it in plastic until I could give it back pretending I read it.  (I couldn’t tell her it was so smelly it smelled up the whole house and that is no exaggeration).
Any help on how to clean the cabinet which is wood and get the odor away? 
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