What this!  Three days in a row with SUN!  So I am headed out again.  There is a 5 mile paved path right next to the river and marina coincidentally so I am going there again today.  It gets really old toiling up the hills here on the street where I live.
Thank you very very much for the help and guidance for my son and his possible purchase.  After what Steve said, I sent an email to my boy saying I didn’t think it was worth it..Thomasville or not.  A stench is a stench.
Have to take all four of the artificial plants down off the high points around the house.  No flowers..just the leafy kind.  Pain in the neck to clean them but dust is dust after a season of heating and the blowing around of dust in the air all Winter.
I remembered to put on sun screen for my time at the river.  That’s a miracle.  I wish I had a sling of something to carry the rather heavy camera.  Hauling it on a jaunt along the river (or anywhere) is a pain.  Leaving it in its case is even worse.  Bulky and heavier.I had it cradled in my arm.  Pain in the neck.  Can’t feel free to just move.  Oh well..I have a choice.  Haul it that way or leave it home. 
Well, almost 1000 so as Paul would say, I’m outta here. (he doesn’t leave us a heart though)

where I am going in a few.