Here where I am, we have about the most popular rowing i.e. sculling place to be due to the size and breadth of our river as well as all of its physical properties.  There are Collegiate rowing events quite a few times a year in their season.  The buses and trailers from all of the colleges and Universities you can think of pour into my town.  On the big sculling competition days, they line the river as well because parents, friends, and other students from all of these Universities come in to see the competition.  The kids are everywhere..they just pour into the City. 
Where I caught the duck doing his yoga yesterday is the site this all occurs.  When I refer to the Marina so many times that is where I am.  The students are showing up in droves now.  I will have to check the paper for the schedule as there will be no driving on that road whatsoever when it all goes down.  Too many vehicles caking the area.