I have the housework done and all I will have to do Monday is vacuum again.  I have carpet that looks great but it "tracks" so once I vacuum, I can see every little paw print Miss Catt makes everywhere she goes.  She sticks to the wall areas it seems although there is not a place anywhere without a wee foot print.  Speaking of which, I woke up not long after I went to sleep last night with two warm little feets planted firmly on my mouth.  Was I snoring and Miss Catt decided that was the only way to silence me?  No, not likely. When she is feeling well, she sleeps with me and when she says " kiss my foot!" she really means it and plants them there to make it easier to obey her bidding.  She didn’t say anything else till 0645 this morning.
I put a little album in "Photos" with maybe 7 pictures taken of the rowing on the river day before yesterday.  I will take the album away in a few days.  I have been going thru and deleting many of the pictures. 
It’s 1045.  Time to get my face on,. dress and go out for the day.
Come with?