May you be blessed this Easter day.  He is risen.
After church this morning I headed back out to the grocery store again in search of tomorrow evening’s supper makings including dessert.  That done, I headed back, got to talk on the phone to our visitor from New Zealand who is in Charlotte with my son these past three days and evenings.  He has enjoyed the Grand Tour of Charlotte so far and the different birds and animals.  He has not seen our Cardinals, Blue Jays, Woodpeckers and so on..or our Goldfinches or most any of them for that matter.  He has never seen a squirrel before.  I told him he ain’t missing much!   Tulip grubbing, gnawing and eating rodents.
So I have lasagna & salad makings and dessert..something to drink…breakfast makings for Tuesday morning including a coffee grinder  to make the freshest possible coffee. I have never operated one before until a few days ago.  There will be bacon, eggs, biscuits, coffee and fresh sliced strawberries with some sugar. 
Miss Catt has packed some things for her week under the bed.  She doesn’t do guests well. 
Me..I am ready.  Have a family filled wonderful rest of the weekend.