They should all be here late this afternoon.  There have been so many major road closing rock slides in East Tennessee during all of the rain we have had (that I have complained about incessantly!) that the rocks have slid down onto roadways everywhere.  I am not just speaking of I-40 at the Tennessee North Carolina border..I am speaking of all around me.   So my son and guest have to take a very circuitous route here to the Homeland.  They are going through Gatlinburg too.  I hope that there are no slides in that area too but this gives our guest a look at the Smokies and a tourist-type town. The mountains where he is from are far and above higher and mightier than our worn- by- time- Appalachian chain.  Mind, our Smokies are very impressive but New Zealand..WHOA!  I guess everyone knows that’s where Lord of the Rings was filmed.  That is a beautiful Country.  Breathtakingly so.
Me’n’her are up and shining up whatever we can find to shine up.  Including ourselves. 
Hope it is a beautiful day wherever you are. 
I took a picture of this tulip, one of the few survivors of the squirrels, yesterday afternoon.  Click for true color if you like.