I would love to go see our friend and his family in New Zealand but that long a trip would be very very hard..I think I’ll pass.
My son and Craig are gone to the Tri- State area in the Cumberland Mountains State Park.  Me and D are here as he chose to stay with me (and his laptop!)  so he will attend a meeting with me at 1100 and we will go gather ingredients for a meatloaf!!!  
The little Boss is spending about  90% of her time under my bed. 
If I ever could have another guest as wonderful as the one I have right now..I would think I had gone to heaven.  This is his first time and likely the last in our Country and he is like a member of the family.  I say that in truth. 
I have tried to get around to see you guys.  I have some of the time but we’ve been gone a lot and too, I don’t want to be rude in here with the computer when everyone is out there in the living room.