This time tomorrow everyone will be gone.  I will be sorry to see them go as we have had an absolutely wonderful time this week.  Yesterday our friend was carted to various shopping Malls so as to gather something for his family when he leaves for New Zealand this weekend.  We just had a wonderful time out.  It rained the entire time but we needed the rain for once.  The grass and plants are refreshed and better looking and the trees have green all over them instead of the tightly furled buds.
Last night instead of eating here, we all, including youngest son, went out to eat.  Turned out we headed to Applebee’s where we were ( yes, me for certain!) were boisterous and loud.  Craig was introduced to the great blowing the paper off the straw onto your nearest target..meaning your brother mother or son, and extra points of you hit them in the face!  He got my middle son, but the rest of us all directed our straw paper at him.  Ah…silly childish rituals are fun!  I got Craig with mine  at every opportunity yesterday including the food court at one of the Malls.  Who said Nurses don’t have a sense of humor or whimsy?  He sure does! My grandson hangs on his every word.
I know..more boring than usual but just saying hi.  Everyone but me are headed to Nashville this morning,  I will stay here and clean up a bit. 
I’ve missed you and I hope all is well at your houses.  I haven’t gotten around too much. this past week I know.