The oldest arrived yesterday on the heels of the middle son and the New Zealander.  So I have  had him to keep the liveliness up.  This afternoon however, he heads back to his place which means after a week, it will be mighty quiet around here.  I think I like it loud and active much better.
There has been so little rain these past 2 weeks that I have had to water the violas I have in hanging baskets.  Unheard of these past several years with the constant rain and gray.  Grass needs cutting again  so I will arrange for that.  Another tulip lays destroyed on the ground where the squirrels gnawed it off its bulb and dragged it off a few feet.  Sigh.  I’m afraid to put my plants out front the way I always have at the end of each April, and so they have to go to the deck where they will have far less shelter from strong winds (ever present here) and heavy rain.   The overhang off the roof is not very deep.  The squirrels, for the first time ever, came to the front porch and were grawing my cactus and jade plants.  I had to bring them in way early  last year..still in the full of Summer because the squirrels were destroying them… and my one cactus never bloomed due to not enough sun having had to live in the house as protection from the squirrels.
The Kiwi is now as of 0500, winging his way back to New Zealand.  He has been gone 17 days from his family.  I know his boys and wife will be overjoyed too see him again. 
One of the places they went while here (I stayed here for a meeting) is the Cumberland Mountains State Park.  At a summit there is the Official survey marker where the three States of Tennessee, Virginia and Kentucky meet.  I will include a photo, close up, of that marker.  I stood on it the last time we  in my family  went.   It’s fun to look out all three direction and know there are three States.  My son called and said "Guess where I am?" I asked where and he said in rapid succession as he was turning in a circle…"I’m in Virginia, now I’m in Tennessee, now I’m in Kentucky and now I’m in Virginia …." etc.  It was funny.