My Christmas Cactus (not an Easter’s Christmas) bloomed.  One lonely blossom and one other bud.  This is not a well composed shot, no, but all I wanted was to capture the guy blooming.  I didn’t care that you could see my deck, the screen and all the rest. This guy and the other succulents will go out in a week or so to try their luck, as usual, in the out of doors.  They always thrive as long as the squirrels don’t find them.
I watched DWTS last night.  I couldn’t last Monday and Tuesday as everyone was here and they were more important.  But I maintain that only Evan, the Olympic Gold medal ice skater and Nicole of the Pussycat Dolls are winner-worthy.  The Sportscaster, Erin, she’s OK.  Pam Anderson is fair.  That’s it.  The rest are not worth bothering with IMHO, and I have not voted the first time.
I am finally cleaning the house after all the company including the oldest this partial weekend.  Ahh…but how can I be cleaning and be sitting here you may well ask?  I am taking a not needed break because I don’t really want to clean.  I am ready to do the wooden kitchen floor.  I like it gleaming.  Have to work for that. Ugh.  I can’t make the bed with its fresh sheet until Her Majesty gets up.  She climbed up there at is 0912…the sheets are waiting for her to rise and shine. Nope, not gonna move her.  It’s something she loves and she has little enough these I wait. 
OK…  The kitchen floor awaits.  Sigh.  here’s the Christmas cactus whose watch and calender is broken.