Really, that just refers to me sitting out on the deck for the first time this year under the brelly..parked with my feet up in the other chair while reading the two morning papers.  No browning involved as I am a very pale skinned redhead with freckles.  I just said that for the title anyway.   I also took out both phones and not one rang!  I guess no one loves me today. That’s OK. More time to read. I took the iPod to check my mail from out there and I didn’t get any mail either! 
Miss Catt however was crying for me to come in while standing at the door.  She employed what I call the "broken meow".  Some cat owners (servants) may know what I meant by that.  It is a dear little pitiful sound and will get me straight there by her side instantly.  I brought in the electronics because it’s hottern blazes out and I did not want the to get too warm.  I decided to brush Her Sweetness and get her feeling happier.  I will go back out in a minute.
WRONG one got booted last night.  Should have been Kate.  NO idea why she has a fan base, never mind that they keep her on the show.  Beats all I’ve ever seen.  They only have two good ones.  The rest are pitiful. 
I went to the arboretum this morning.  Flickr has one of the results.  All manual.  I need Miss Catt to cooperate and let me take a photo.  She stays where it is too dark in the rooms to take a decent photo.  The flash is not my friend most times in that situation.