I became aware of an organization called DonorsChoose.org a month or so ago.  It’s a non profit helping place.  The phrase they have is " Teachers ask.  You choose. Students learn".

Why I am writing about it is I saw a small article in Good Housekeeping I believe it was..and I was intrigued enough to go to the site.  There are a  number of listings from teachers all over the U.S. on behalf of their students. 

I happened to have been struck by one in which the teacher..I won’t say his name here, asked for art supplies for his class.  A number of contributors (I used Paypal) had brought the total contributions up to where they just needed 80 some dollars to get what they needed for the kids.  I contributed the rest so it was a finished project.My choice was, as most of the choices there are, a low income school with very little resources.  Mine happened to have been in Colorado if I remember correctly.   ALL kids no matter their personal circumstances deserve to learn about the Arts if that is their wish and it was. 
I felt like a million when I could finish their project.

That alone was wonderful for me (my son is a teacher..I know how they all never have what they need and pay for it themselves if they can) BUT what was even nicer was not only an acknowledgment from the Site, but within 24 hrs. a personal email from the teacher saying thank you. 

Yesterday in the mail, I was so happy to get a large envelope where the children all wrote thank you notes (they are adorable!!) to me for the contribution and there are pictures of the kids using the materials I supplied.

That was so gratifying.  The DonorsChoose.org site is a 501(c)(3)charity.

 Have  a wonderful Saturday.