My goodness, we are almost 4 inches of rain below normal instead of the usual inches above!  Far as I’m concerned..that’s fine.  I am well and truly over all the rain.  We really do need some though. 

I have a fun get together to attend tomorrow night.  I am really looking forward to that.  Maybe the day will also be eventful.  The phone will surely ring.  In any case, one thing for sure is weeding again!  With no rain for 3 weeks, I have no idea where they are coming from.  I guess weeds just don’t need much sustenance which is why they are weeds.    I’ll do that in the morning before it gets too warm and then head back to the arboretum again in the hopes that there are more bees at the wild flowers.  There were a few when I was there but it’s early in the season after all.  And I was crouched or on my knees with the flowers and camera when one would show up all I could do was hear it.  I was in macro mode with a macro lens..can’t see more than a few inches.  By the time I unfolded and duck walked to where they were, they moved again as soon as I hunkered down, the rascals.  I know that buzzing was laughing.  At me.

I will be headed out in an hour and I’m trying to get a few things done.  If you want to help..the dust mop is hanging in the closet and the wax is in that cabinet under the counter where the coffee maker and toaster is.  Get crackin’ and you can come with me tomorrow night.  We’ll have fun! 

Here is a wildflower at the arboretum last Monday.  I don’t remember what the little bitty sign in the ground said.  You might know what it is.

Hope you like it.