Me and the vacuum cleaner are headed to the next town to the repair place which I am grateful exists.  He repairs small appliances among other things.  I was totally impressed with him and the rest of the businesses in that town so much that I wrote a letter to the editor of their newspaper saying so.  But we, the vacuum and I are headed there soon as I get my mascara on.  I had to get the smaller vacuum out which is actually superior in cleaning but it totally scares Miss Catt to death with its high pitched sound, where she has no issue with the Kenmore.  So I had my marching orders yesterday to get myself over to the repair place or she’s leaving.  Maybe I can make the bed when I get back.  She thundered up and down the hallway and landed in a heap at the bend of the sheets in my bed.  I tried taking a picture of that pretty head sticking up from the sheets and blankets but not enough light in there.  So, she’s still there and the bed is unmade until she decides to leave.

I will take the camera with me just in case.