I hope this link works.  If it does, go there and see better (lots better!) what I am trying to talk about here.  It’s on Yahoo News.  Just go to Yahoo and Google the phrase Radical Un-schooling if my link doesn’t work.

In the interview done by JuJu Chang, ABC News, she made the remark to those two parents that the kids were like feral children.  No direction, no education, no nothing.  I loved that phrase she used, "feral".  You of course know that it means wild as in animals who are not domesticated etc etc.

This is a trend, this no school thing that is catching on somewhat.  The kids do what they want, when they want and how they want.  It’s apparently legal as ABC News looked into it.  The whole thing is, according to those parents that the kids will learn what they want to learn IF they want to learn.  They have no rules in the household either.  They are allowed to do whatever they want, whenever they want, no consequences.  These people wherever they are in the U.S. do this horrible thing to their kids (they will NEVER ever get a job and decent living, you know that!) under the name of Home Schooling.  All they have to do is check in with the local Board of Education once a year, the newscast said.  No  tests, no books, no nothing.  They just exist through the day. 

You know that old phrase our parents used to say?  let me repeat it here for us all now..I don’t care how old the phrase is..it’s so very applicable in this case.  The phrase is:  What is this world coming to? 

Other than that I had a super fun night last night..I could have one of those every night if possible. The food where we were was super SUPER salty though. Very unpleasant.  I asked for a salad with tuna..it was like a salt lick must be for deer.  Almost inedible.  Today I will try to flush the salt out of my system with lots more water.  Little Missy must have thought I had gone away for a long time (which I was) because she greeted me lovingly (of course) and stuck to me like glue all night.  She’s an older lady now so she must be excused.

They say it will rain and for once I hope it does,  After going on 3 weeks without rain, we do need it.

See you over at your place..and cold water?  I’ll have mine with ice please.