I got to thinking..how will you spend your income tax refund this year or will you spend it or…did you have a refund?  I am one of those who always and ever …wait a minnit..once I made a severe mistake…who have more taken out than I need to have taken out.  I don’t mind a bit giving the government the use of my paltry few dollars interest free because if the worst happens, they will have my paltry dollars and interest to boot!  This woman won’t take that chance.  It happened once, and that was far and away enough for me.

Some folks use their refund(s) to take a summer vacation.  I never have but some do.  Others use the "windfall" for paying down debt.  Not me.  Me..it’s nothing at all.  I just have it deposited into the bank and there it stays.  This comes in handy those times when I have something down to the house.  For instance I had the bath re- fitters in a few weeks ago and now I have a gleaming white tub and surround along with window treatment all around the edges.  So extra funds in the checking account pays for that..or when the fridge dies along with all of its siblings in the kitchen..it always happens in clusters. 

Some people will buy a "toy" they had their eye on..iPhone, Droid, new computer, that sort of thing and some don’t get a refund at all.

If you get a refund from overpayment, it is fun to have that little interest free savings come to you in April.  Heck, interest is so low this past year till now..who can tell the difference?  Or, if you don’t get a refund because of careful calculation on your part..either way works out to your own individual satisfaction.

In closing..I would like to do as I do every year and show you my lavender azaleas.  They are finally blooming.  And me..I am going out to make someone’s day..see if I don’t.  Whatta woman!