The little Beastie in there said no way, no how was she going to step foot on the new deep red embroidered bedspread/quilt.  She said she didn’t sniff her scent on scent..nothing but that it reeked of newness!  I asked her to at least try it..she demurred.  And not nicely at all.  I tried to persuade her that she could not adhere herself to me in the night soaking up all of my heat but adding her own 105 degrees and thereby causing me to melt down if she did not at least give it a try.  The answer was no, and a thousand times more "no".  So..I resigned myself to doing without the fur coat wrapped around my face, neck and shoulder with the resultant smouldering heat given off by her Royal Body.
So last evening an hour or two before my shower, I took off the shams (Oooh, they are pretty too) and turned back the quilt and top sheet.  I laid my PJ’s out on the counterpane and VOILA!  A ten pound missile launched itself onto the bed..paused to snuffle..then came up to my PJ’s and wrapped herself in them.  Wasn’t long thereafter that I went in and her arms and legs were all spread out with her snoring..and she does indeed snore (a teeny weeny snore) her way into deeper and deeper slumber. 
I had to go get another pair of jammies because I didn’t want to disturb her.  What I forgot was, she was on my side of the bed with her head up on my pillow all snugged up in the jammies.  So, I had to get in on the OTHER side whereupon she left.  I should only have her imperious nature.