Not a new fella you understand but a good product.  It’s been out for over five years but I finally caved and bought one.  Mr. Cle*n’s magic Eras*r.  Have any of you ever tried one of those??

I took marks off the kitchen wall that I used 409 on and it, the 409 just lightened them some.  It seems like a great product, but it is starting to disintegrate at the edges where I used it the most.  Is that normal or am I using super human wild woman strength again? Anyone?

Now in my estimation they are expensive but if they don’t continue to disintegrate, they will be well worth the expense.  I got the package of two for– you may as well say– three dollars at Wally’s.

Her Majesty is in on the new red spread.  I will have to take all my manual settings off on the camera to get a picture of her.  I live in a veritable forest and the light in the house even on sunny days is poor.  I tried manual a few days ago for that sultry pose she insisted I use for my FB avatar.  All well and good but manual settings are me as a work in the making..hence I am not the best at exposure yet although I try.  For her, she’s dark and the room is as well even with light on as is the red spread, sounds like flash time to me.  If I back off on exposure..then it is too slow and so it’s slightly fuzzy.  I’m as I said, a work in progress.

My youngest is off on a mission trip in Mexico with others in his church.  For those of you who know him, it’s Neil.  Please include them in your thoughts and prayers.  He should be back just after a week.  All three of my boys have made mission trips now. 

The tornadoes did come to my State but all we had here where I am living is watches and severe thunderstorms.  It’s heartbreaking what happened in Mississippi.  Remember back when tornadoes only occurred in a certain area of the Country?  Now they are everywhere.  I think NYC, Chicago, D.C. and more that you would not expect ordinarily.

I’ll work on busting up all the camera settings and manual stuff here in a few.  We’ll get Miss Catt looking delicious and fork tender curled up on the bed.  (she made me take the shams off).