And I don’t mean a near death experience.  Well, maybe, depending on how you look at it.

I had an early appointment with my GP to discuss a possible referral to an ophthalmologist.  On my way out of the parking lot and onto the Turnpike, I sat (I’m no fool) at the red light decently far behind the stop line to avoid triggering the camera.  Well, no traffic seemed forthcoming so I inched up a little to see better so as to make a legal right turn at the red light.  That necessitated another full but brief but FULL stop before making the right turn on red.  A blinding (they are bright!!) light flashed in my face half way thru the intersection.  I went into a mental swan dive and decided I didn’t want to go to Starbucks after all.  Most of the way to a turnaround place, it occured to me..if I SAW the flash, then it was in front of me (DUH!) not behind me where my license plate it.  So..I went on the a skinny vanilla non fat Latte on my Christmas gift card from one of my sons.  NUMMY. I am still drinking on it.  I was going to stay awhile but I discovered their wifi is not free.  So, I left. 

I am headed back out again.  Hard to find a real leather pocketbook in this town.  I will try one more place and then, off to K-Town.

Well, what do you all say about the specter of the VAT…value added tax that is being threatened? Um, there go tips if we have to pay that too.  Some would say that’s the tip.  No it ain’t.