I have done the treadmill..did the weights, went out and got a smashing looking straw hat  (which also looks great on me if I say so myself) and…ta dah, taking the word of my Sis, Caroldee to heart I went out and bought those rockin’ and rollin’ shoes she recommended. I clumped up and down the aisle in them.  I hope I can learn to walk gracefully again and not sound so heavy and clumpy.
Got me some other things as well as I had to stop at Kroger.  Most grocery stores seem to think that no one wants to eat soup in the Spring and Summer I suppose which may be why they refuse to stock the heartier soups and only have the watery puny ones. 
Someone here knows that she will be scooped up very soon for the v-e-t as since the carrier is out leaning on the wall in the hallway, she has spent an inordinate amount of time under the beds. I will call for the appointment as soon as I finish here.  She needs her allergy meds.  A little wheezing going on.
The only decent two couples as far as ability is concerned on DWTS is Nicole and Derek and Evan and Anna.  The rest are wasting time and effort.  I finally voted though..finally.  For both of those couples.
 This was taken with the point and shoot over a year ago.