It may be cold out there…they said we may have scattered frost last night, but nonetheless, Spring done sprung.
My lavender azaleas are in full flower.  The high winds stripped a few flowers from the azaleas but there are still plenty to enjoy.  I was out there this morning to take a picture of them and could NOT understand why I couldn’t focus.  I also had a gorgeous potential shot of sun rays through the fog and again, I couldn’t focus.  I came inside and had a "wow!  I could have had a V-8" forehead slap moment.  I forgot to take off the macro lens.  Like, DUH!  So after I got that off and normal lens ready for action the sunbeam moment was forever gone.
Lunch with a woman friend today.  We have found a new place called Chicago.  She imports her food as it were from there every week..the makings is what I am talking about.
Hoping for no  unwelcome visits from Gorgons.   Those on FB know what I mean.
I am leaving you with this glowing tulip  I photographed a few weeks ago.