I have to take the resident Queen to the V-E-T.  Be vewwy vewwy quiet and don’t say that word around here.

She senses my concern and runs for the hills.  I have to try to sneak up on her when she least expects it.  There is no easy out there at all.  If I can’t make it by her appt. time I will have to cancel it and try again Monday because the oldest will be here and I need to be also.  Got to feed him up. 

Yesterday I made a point of saying something on FB that probably needed to be mentioned.  Women who happen to want to go to have lunch or see a movie alone should never worry about how that looks.  No one cares..no one really notices and you should never allow a strangers thought, if there ever IS a thought about it, to influence whether you enjoy a meal or a movie out.

It’s always fun to go with others and most always that is what I do.  However, occasionally I take a notion to drop in and have lunch at a favorite restaurant because I am really hungry and they have great food.  Or there may be a movie no one else wants to see in your friends group.  Just go.  Why miss life and fun because there doesn’t happen to be anyone nearby at the moment.  Besides, when you go alone, someone may just send over a drink or a dessert to you.  Happens all the time.  My last such was a blond brownie (which was too full of calories but totally delicious).  I looked around and saw my benefactor smiling.  I smiled back, nodded and dug in. 

Now, about an offer to help corral this cat!  Who’s up for it?