Thankfully the blasting winds have quit!  I dislike having the hair of my head out at a 90 degree angle each time I leave the house or car or any other building.  The sun is out so the rain seems to me a not too distant memory. Thank goodness.  Enough is enough.
I will include a picture of the 0800 hrs. view out of my computer room window this morning.  I hope you like it.  I consider myself to be most fortunate to live where I do and have all of this outside.  There is a city street running in front of the house but this is the glorious view I see out of all of my back windows and door.
I think the Vet gave Miss Catt something different for her allergies.  He asked me to call him Thursday and let him know how she is.  That alone alerted me after I thought about it.  I will call as I don’t want that medicine again.  She isn’t wheezing or itching, no, but the other shot (if this is the case) worked for that.  This time, after the first 24 hrs. she has spent the majority of her time under the bed.  So it’s a side effect of the medicine if it is what a vet assistant friend thinks it is.  They are silent and stay by themselves.  Not a good life!
Here is my wonderful view. This was out of the window and you can see my deck and grill to the right.  The property goes to the County line but those of us who have homes just fence off a portion to serve as a yard.  The rest is forest.