Not only is is a totally cloudless of such I haven’t seen in a long time (but then, I love clouds, we know that) and the sky is like a carpet of robins egg blue above but: I got to spend quite a time with a wonderful group of friends before, during and after lunch.  Life is good when you have fellowship/friendship to nourish your heart. 

I was out last night so I didn’t think I would get my hair shampooed and set in time to go.  I have long hair and it isn’t wash and wear nor do I want it to be.  But I thought trying to get it shampooed and the hot rollers in long enough would cut too much into the time frame I had to get to where all the fun was.  I made it though and just in time. 

I will go out onto the deck which is all sun and cloudless blue, moderate temperatures and sit at my little table and chairs with the market umbrella up..both phones (cell and land line) newspapers, and a Sprite and soak up the warmth and partial sun.  Wish you were here.  I have plenty more chairs.

The new neighbors are moved in to the house on the other side of me.   These are in their early 30’s maybe, at least an infant in the way of children..the wife or partner, whatever she is, is tattooed, and they have an incredibly loud muffler on their pick up truck– and another vehicle..sedan type.  They are having extensive electrical work done at this time  and, tah da they have at least one dog.  SO far, I have not had to hear it while trying to sleep.  I hope that keeps up as their yard is a few feet away from my bedroom. On that side of my house, the people who added an addition to that house built very close to the property line so the dog has less room to bark.    Time will tell.

Peace.  See you soon.  Thank you for liking my back yard.  Made me happy. To Horst..I am at the highest point in town so the fog that settles down in the valley rises at sunrise, and I get the benefit of that beautiful sight of sun and mist on most mornings.☼