I am convinced that my Libra Twin and I are the only two people in the entire Country who drive with two hands on the wheel and at 10 & 3 o’clock positions or thereabouts. Apparently I have nothing better to do than continue my important only-to-me poll and glance to see where the steering hand ( note I did not say hands) is in the vehicle behind or beside me. 

Inevitably I see I am completely alone in my method of steering because in the cars behind, beside and in front of me I see many sets of  single hand knuckles rippling along the top of the steering wheel, gripped tight. This morning I watched a woman turn left along with me, and since she had a tight single handed knuckle popping grip on top of the steering wheel AND was straight armed at that, she about wrapped her arm around herself trying to turn.  Her arm was straight across her body as she made the turn.  Me…I want some relaxation to my arms.  I  grip at the used-to-be standard of 10 & 2 o’clock positions and my elbows are dipping gently downward..not straight out locked in a strained position while gripping the wheel one handed.  But apparently my method went out with high button shoes and alas, I will never ‘get with the program’. 
I am the last of a dying breed. 

Thank you for enjoying my bee yesterday.  I appreciate the remarks and comments. 

I have an article to write for a monthly newsletter.  I did it already and when I put it to "draft" it disappeared in the body of the mail.  Only the address was there to whom I was sending it.  So, I have it to do all over again.

I think I may be going to a play tonight..it wasn’t confirmed so see ya later.