Hope everyone has an extra special weekend and a very
happy Mother’s Day those of you who care for children, have children, or just simply
love them. And all you Grandmothers  and Grandfathers who give so much to their
grandchildren and their parents and are often the sole caretakers to their grandchildren, Happy Mother’s Day.  To the Father’s who are single parents and care for their children,  Happy Mothers/Fathers day and  Blessings and love to all of you.
This year on Mother’s Day I won’t embarrass my own
children by publishing a praise blog as I have so often done.  I decided to
give them a break.  I know they probably cringed when they read it,
grown  men that they are.  But they know how I feel without my telling
the world as I try to demonstrate that love, as do all of we mom’s, by
showing it every day.