I’m waiting for the hot rollers in my hair to cool and then, do my face and get out of here.  I had a call that lasted well over an hour just as I got my hair shampooed so I am late all the way around.
I was so disappointed that the yard man, without asking MY thoughts on the matter took it on himself to mow down to the level ground! my daffodil leaves that were still there and green.  As far as I know, he has killed 20 double and Emperor daffodils..ruffled with red edges and my pink ones.  I didn’t see it until he left and I pulled back into the drive way.  Besides costing me $35.00 mail order to get them, they were 10 years old and well established.  When I called him, he said that some woman whose yard he mowed had hers cut down by now so he followed suit.  Well, pardon me but that’s her, not me.  They are likely going to die because he cut down the leaves and everyone knows or should know, that is how the bulbs get nourishment for the next year.  Never mow them until they have died.   Thank heavens he didn’t mow down my others!!!  That he didn’t makes me wonder why he did these!  I am so sad about them.
I am, as mentioned headed over the mountains for the weekend leaving Friday morning at 9.  I am looking forward to it and hoping for no more rock slides while I travel over the mountains.  I don’t want to be under rocks.
HOPE it isn’t raining all the way there, while there and all the way back.  That has been my run of luck.
Probably dead daffodils.