Oh wow.  Really, what I have wanted for a long time I finally just went ahead and spent the money and bought an oak wood library card cabinet and I will use it to hold my CD’s.  I have been wanting on for so long and always unwilling to spend the money for the heavy real oak.  Today I bought it, though it is as wide as the trunk of the car it is only 4 rows high.  Maybe 5.  It just fits into the trunk. 

I am still in Charlotte and it isn’t raining here.  I hope my luck holds out till I get home tomorrow evening. 

I also went to Trader Joe’s and got some items as a surprise for someone that I simply can’t find elsewhere than a big City like Charlotte.  (yes, that applies even to food items). I went to Garden Ridge and found some really nice phoney flowers..small ones.  One wreath too for the door.  I use them and give them away sometimes to friends.  I got a nice framed print too at the same place I bought the oak cabinet.  Also a very realistic small "planter" maybe 8 inches by 8 inches of a life-like green plant.  I went to Sams and found nothing I wanted.  I am always on the look-out for 400 tc sheets made in and from from Bahrain.  Best most wrinkle free softest sheets I ever owned but now, I can’t find that type/brand in Sams any longer. They just put out what they have I guess. 

The entire inside of my vehicle is crammed with stuff I have bought (been away too long).

If this was my computer I would show you a picture I took of a bluebird nest my son took out of the bluebird  house in his back yard as the babies have fledged.  It had one lone little egg that had rolled under the nest and therefore was infertile.  The nest was made from pine needles, lichen and human hair.

I saw a ’55 black Ford Thunderbird today parked—- of all things— at Garden Ridge.  I would never have such a vehicle parked in a regular public parking lot.  It was gleaning and beautiful with a red leather interior.  Of course I took pictures.  I guess the person decided to get some use and joy out of it instead of keeping it swaddled up athome..never seeing the light of day.  That is nice really.  I would be too chicken to do it but because he wasn’t, I got to see it today.  Even the windows were down!

See you tomorrow.I’ll give my boy his computer back.