After seeing me off to dreamland when we hit the hay, Miss Catt continued coming in to make sure I was there.  That started  probably twelvish and after that for four more times, purring so loudly that it sounded like marbles being shaken up in a cardboard box! It was delightful to hear the purring but I would have liked it even more had I been up and it being daylight.  I gave up after being jarred awake so many times and rose for the day at 4 AM.  That is the most anxious I have ever seen her.  I’m used to one check-in after a trip but not constant and not loud singing to celebrate I’m back.  Oh well.


IF Spaces will let me, here are a few pics.  I tried to leave comments time after time last evening but except for two times, it would not allow me to.  This is a 1957 Ford Thunderbird.