Looks like my constant albeit sleepy attention all day yesterday helped soothe my savage beestie here.  She knows I’m here..I’m living..all systems go..I’m not going anywhere far as she knows SO…ta dah…I got to sleep all night till 0635.

Tonight the youngest will be here to help me get that oak HEAVY library card catalog cabinet I bought in Charlotte out of the trunk and into the house.  I have a hand truck so when I can get to a space between rain drops I will go under my home and get it.  That will go in the living room, the cabinet I mean, not the truck 🙂 and the wooden file cabinet that I have in the living room now will go to my room to hold my files etc. and the file cabinet there..an ugly press board fake oak will go to the dump.  I was going to put it on the curb but the time of collecting household items is over.  That only happens 2 times a year.  One of the guys at the recycle center will take it and sell it I’m sure.  I will set it to the side for anyone who wants it.

I watched DWTS (I know..no one else does but me and my Wisconsin sistas) and I am torn between Nicole and Evan.  I wish both could win. 

I broke down and made myself the same breakfast I make my sons.  I had bacon and eggs.  No toast etc.  Just that and coffee.  Miss Catt had quite a few shards of  my bacon from my plate and she is a happy girl.