I have the beta Pirate English turned on in FaceBook.  It’s fun right now. I guess others can see it?
It is a chilly and sunny day.  I got all my errands run and so I sat down right after noon to read the papers.  Someone warm and shaped like a dinnerplate came up and settled on my lap, purring.  That is lethal to concentration.  I immediately went into a torpor for 15 minutes.  A power nap.  Unintemded but when there is a warm bundle on you and purring..it’s all over but the shouting.
Finally got gas into the car after 350 miles.  Getting low— and if I remember right, it was $2.67 a gallon.
The Arborist got here again and the huge oak tree in the front yard got sprayed against the disease it started last year.  $200.00 now and another spray in November for another $200.00.  But it is a huge tall TALL tree.  $1600.00 to have it cut down or $400.00 for the fungus treatment.  Easy.  If the tree rotted enough to fall on my house…REALLY easy to make a decision to have it treated.
I’m so glad you liked the card catalog I bought.  It was a pretty steep price but it could have been worse.  It’s solid heavy oak and I found it n a great consignment store in Charlotte.
See you over at your house!  Don’t be telling me you moved!