I never talk about things like this in the blog as no one cares..and no one cares today either.  BUT here I am saying that the party I went to last night was so much fun.  I have rarely enjoyed my time more than last night.  What a great mix of people.  I’m short on sleep today but certainly it was worth it.  The little Boss woke me up super early (sun is appearing earlier and earlier and that is her personal alarm clock) so I got 6 hrs. of sleep which isn’t too bad.  I am so used to burning eyes every day I wouldn’t know how to act without them.

I had a great hair day and evening too.  That’s always a plus when your meeting people. 

The hosts have the largest television screen I have ever seen.  It’s like a theater.  He is a pilot and 3 days after the vast flooding in  the Nashville area, he flew over ( he was going to assist there) and took a video flying over.  The engine noise was so loud he had a music tract for all to hear during the video.  It was perfect.  The TV news certainly carried a few shots and a few seconds video of the flooding, yes, but to see it for such a long stretch of time and area..devastating indeed.  More so than I was able to realize until I saw it myself. 

I won’t go on and on…folks don’t want to read my books here.  So…have a great Sunday and I need to get ready to get out of here. 

Miss Catt didn’t say anything during the night by the way..so the suspense is building.  When will the hammer drop for my punishment?